We are looking for partners for business with China, focused on mutually beneficial cooperation

  • Total work experience with China more than 15 years
  • Based in Chita, Russia 500 km from the border with China
  • We cooperate with entrepreneurs and commercial structures from Russia and China
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What we understand, our experience and advantage

UDACHA LLC implies full support and execution of accompanying documents for the conclusion of a contract, and finding partners on the territory of the Russian Federation and China, experience in the market of two states.

Exporting goods abroad with us is a guarantee of high-quality and economically profitable foreign economic activity in full compliance with all the rules and regulations of modern legislation.

Cooperation with our company will help you organize efficient and profitable delivery abroad in a short time.

If you value such qualities as highly as we do:

  • Responsibility and accuracy;
  • Punctuality and high professionalism;
  • Ability to quickly make the right decision in the event of unforeseen circumstances;
  • Reliability and fair rates;
  • Courtesy and best service.

We are ready to become a real partner for our clients, on whom you can always fully rely in matters of delivery, clearance of goods, as well as rendering.

We are ready to guarantee an individual approach to your specific export transaction and the fulfillment of all our obligations at the highest level.

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  • Many years of experience and service with foreign companies
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  • Availability of our own Chinese import-export company , whose activities are aimed at servicing foreign economic activity of entrepreneurs and commercial structures from Russia, China
  • Affordable prices for services
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  • Free consultations on issues related to the services provided
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Our services will be useful:

For those who are engaged in foreign economic activity: we offer registration and maintenance of companies with foreign investments in China, representative offices in foreign companies in China, opening an account with Hong Kong banks;
For those who manufacture or place orders for the production of products or components under their own brand at factories in the PRC: we offer trademark registration in China;
For those who are looking for ways to optimize costs in trade, manufacturing, consulting and other commercial activities;
For those who buy goods on the domestic market of China from official enterprises
For those who buy goods in China from manufacturers, who do not have a foreign exchange account and an import-export license, or those who intend to import products or raw materials to the domestic market of China: our the company provides services for accepting foreign exchange funds to its account in China under an official import-export contract and transferring to the manufacturer's account, and also provides services for the import or export of goods and the organization of their delivery;

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Chita, st. Butina d. 44, d. 2
+7 (914) 135-19-43